The casino game called Craps comes from the English game Hazard. It’s very old and it’s mostly popular in America. Since it’s a dice game, the outcome of rolling dice decides who wins.

The rules of Craps:

A player or a group of players bets against the casino. First the shooter makes a come-out roll and the number that’s rolled is set to be the point. If the result is 2, 3 or 12 it’s called craps, and all players lose their bets. If the result is 7 or 11, the players win their pass line bets – for example if someone bets $5 for a roll, they win $5. If the result is none of the above, it’s called a point number. The shooter needs to roll the dice until the point number or 7 turns up. If the point number is rolled, all players win, and if it’s 7, the casino wins.

Four staff members conduct the game:

• Boxman: Their role is to guard the chips on the table.
• Stickman: Stands opposite the boxman. Their role is to pass the dice and announce the winner.
• Two base dealers: They collect the players’ bets. They stand by the boxman.

When the dice are rolled they have to hit the opposite wall of the table and bounce off, to make sure that the roll was not controlled. If dice fall off the table, they will be replaced or they can be brought back only after the boxman examines them.

The types of bets are pass line bets (as described earlier) and don’t pass line bets in which the player shouldn’t roll the point number to win, and the craps numbers and natural numbers are opposite to the pass line bet ones.

There’s a strategy called Martingale system, but it’s not reliable because the game in the end is based purely on luck.

Responsible gaming and money management are the most important things to remember about.