Bingo is a very popular game, both online and in bingo parlors or halls. The game can get quite repetitive, though, so adding some variety is a good idea. Tournaments can help with that. Unfortunately most people are not aware that they exist, because they’re not as popular as, for example, poker tournaments.

Bingo tournaments are as simple as regular bingo games. The only difference is that the participants play a series of games instead of individual ones. The person who accumulates the most points during the whole competition, wins the tournament. You earn points by winning games. In case of a tie, points are divided equally.

Bingo tournaments are very popular online. Most sites will run at least one a day. There are free and paid online tournaments. The difference between a free tournament and a free regular bingo game is that in the tournament you can still win prizes.

To play in a land-based bingo hall you need to pay an entry fee. It’s worth it, though, because of the unique atmosphere of playing with other people.

Prizes for winning bingo tournaments include huge amounts of money and luxurious trips. Some places let the players choose their own prize. The value of the prizes depends on the entry fee and the size of the tournament.

Each tournament has its own rules, so reading terms and conditions before registering as a participant is essential.