Playing bingo, and especially getting to shout “bingo!”, is really exciting. In land-based bingo halls the activity wouldn’t be possible without bingo daubers.

Country fairs often came with bingo games. The game was originally called beano because beans were used to mark the numbers. Marking a straight line first got you a small gift if you shouted “beano!”. One player shouted “bingo!” instead, out of excitement, and that name stuck.

Originally bingo was used to collect money for church welfare funds. As the game became more and more popular, it started being played everywhere and players started to use multiple bingo cards at once. That’s when bingo daubers became necessary because they make number marking very fast and easy.

Bingo daubers are ink-filled pens that have a large round sponge tip. As you mark the number, the dauber creates a neat circle resembling a bingo coin. There are different types of bingo daubers you can choose according to your preferences. They can also be temporary or permanent.

Compared to bingo chips, bingo daubers are much faster and more comfortable to use, especially if you need to mark multiple cards in a very short time. A displaced chip will ruin your entire game.

There are people who collect bingo daubers that come in many different shapes, sizes and themes, such as Halloween or Christmas.