Possibly the biggest flaw of online casinos is that players cannot feel the atmosphere of a brick and mortar casino. The evolution of 3D graphics gave some hope in this regard.

3D software has worked in poker rooms but not in casinos. All the different kinds of games available in online casinos, such as roulette, blackjack and craps, have different structures. Slots rely on complex graphics. In the end it has to mean heavier software and faster Internet, and that’s not always possible when you want to use 3D software because it’s heavier already. 3D poker has much larger software than regular poker, but it’s still manageable. 3D casinos are not, so they haven’t evolved much.

PKR is a popular 3D poker room online. In order to play you need to have a broadband connection – in normal poker rooms it’s enough to have a high-speed modem. The game looks as realistic as high quality video games. Players can interact as avatars the way they do in land-based casinos, for example bluff. In online casino games this aspect is not that important because player-to-player interaction doesn’t exist.

Second Life was one of the attempts to create 3D online casinos. It’s a virtual online world in 3D, created by Linden Lab. The avatars of players, called residents, interact realistically. When one of the residents opened a casino, FBI got interested because gambling is illegal in the USA, so Linden Lab promptly closed the casino.

Win A Day Casino, operated by Slotland Entertainment, recently launched 4 casino games in 3D. Maybe now it’s the time for 3D to finally catch on.